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 Luxury Shopping With Distinctive European Designs


Marilyn’s is a women’s luxury up-scale all European store in Naples, Florida. We specialize in independent small designer brands including  many talented young and unknown designers from Europe, who in most cases are showing in the United States for the first time. Our focus is on indulging customers with old world luxury shopping as they enjoy customized attention in a glamorous atmosphere. We specialize in chic, fun, style that suit singular tastes and lifestyles.



Marilyn’s regularly participates in or sponsors community events, Fashion Shows, Private Seminars and designer guest appearances


Marilyn offers the best and largest selection of European Hats, including  fascinator hats, bowler hats, cloche hats, pillbox hats, cocktail hats, toque hats, and derby hats for the races…

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Marilyn Hellman, owner of Marilyn’s, is known for her seminars on fashion tips. Many organizations book “private seminars” with Marilyn, which are hosted at the store. On November 20, 2015 fifty women from the Neapolitan Club enjoyed a seminar, “Reviewing Your Wardrobe”. To book a private seminar call Marilyn.

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JustLuxe Magazine features Marilyn’s in an article, ” Naples Wins Best U.S. Destination for Luxury Travelers, Here’s What to Experience While There”. The article is written by Janice Nieder, December 3, 2015, who describes the top places to eat, stay and shop. Marilyn’s was one of the two fashion stores featured; Janice begins her description of Marilyn’s with (quote),  “It’s easy to lose track of time playing dress-up at Marilyn’s Distinctive European Fashion and plundering through dresser drawers filled with …..” ( Read more at JustLuxe Magazine )

Janice Nieder also writes, “Marilyn as “another second-generation style maven, having picked up invaluable skills from working as a young girl at her mother’s clothing store. For more fashion advice or personalized service check out Hellman’s website which offers many complimentary seminars including Picking the Right Hat or the popular Reviewing Your Wardrobe For The New Year.


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